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Playing in the snow

I never thought a person could be too old for the playground, and when we got snow, I knew I was right.  So I went down to the park and played on all the equipment.  No one was there since it was snowing, so I was all alone.  I played on the slides and swings.  By the time I was done, I was super hot in my coat, even with the snow out.  A great time for some pictures right?  Watch me get sexy in the snow.  All that playground equipment makes for some interesting surfaces to get naughty on, so if you want to see what mischief I got into, head over to Ariel Rebel.

Bikini at the beach

Even a girl as pale as I am likes to get a little sun once in awhile, so I strapped on my military green bikini and went out to the beach.  I have always had so much fun playing in the sand by the water and making sand castles.  Now is no different from then, and I had a lot of fun out there kicking around in the sand.  Maybe one day I’ll grow up, but not yet.  It’s always fun to be the sexy girl in the sand, so after my childish games were over, I pulled off my tight bikini for you.  See what happens after that at Ariel Rebel.

Hot Tamale

I’ve been called a hot tamale a few time, but I never really knew how hot that was until I tasted one.  Now that I know, I’m very flattered.  I must be a very spicy dish indeed!  While I was taking some photos, I saw that someone had peppers on the set.  They are supposed to be very tingly to play with, so I just couldn’t help myself.  Of course, the pepper isn’t the only thing in my photo shoot to get spicy, and you can see me getting down and dirty as usual.  You guys will love the whole set at Ariel Rebel , so get over there quick.  Meanwhile, I have the sudden craving for some spicy food.

Skateboard Punk

All of you know I’m a little rebellious, hell it’s in my name, but there’s no rebel sport I like better than skateboarding.  It could be because it gets me where I need to go fast, it could be because I like to look like a daring girl, and it could be because I love getting down and dirty with skateboard punks.  Either way, I think  you’ll like watching me get dirty with just my skateboard.  Have you ever seen a girl skateboard topless?  How about in a plaid thong?  Get ready for something new then.  I got so worked up in the shoot that I let my hands wander down below for a little action after I finished skating, but those pictures are on Ariel Rebel.

This one is for all sporty girls’ lovers!

I am a huge fan of mighty boys slashing across the ring hammering each other’s faces. So this one is in your favor Gaze at those perky small tities of mine and imagine them fitting those powerful hands of yours! We can have some naughty time together but in the meantime check out the sexy forms you are offered. Be a nice boy and I will grant you all the love powers to have this amazing experience deep in your memories for a long time. Don’t forget to pay me a visit at my personal paysite Ariel Rebel or read Ariel Rebel Review first.

Naughty girl with a strawberry candy

Here I come, boys! Yes, I am kinky and willing to tease my cute nipples but to let your dreams come true I’m going to make them taste strawberry by touching the perky ones with my lollipop which you might have noticed already. Aren’t you hard yet? I am going to tease you and squeeze your fantasies with my gorgeous reality. Don’t you want to come up closer and sniff the warm strawberry scent? I am all yours and those sexy body curves are as well. You can get much more by visiting my paysite Ariel Rebel or read Ariel Rebel Review first.